T.K. Hinshaw


For Hawai'i Governor 2022

Aloha mai kākou,

My name is Frank T.K. Hinshaw, I am a 31-year-old resident of the island of Oahu. I am excited to announce my run as a Non-Partisan to represent the people of the State of Hawaii as their Governor in this election. There are many things I believe the people of this state want to see changed, and I believe that I am the best suited among those running to hold the office and execute the will of the people. Growing up on Oahu, I know how difficult life can be. The government is too large, the taxes are too high, there is a major disconnect from the people. We’ve learned that corruption is the way that business is accomplished here, and that needs to change as the people demand it in order to trust their leadership. I will restore sunshine laws and transparency in state government, I will end the unconstitutional endless state of emergency that the people of Hawaii have suffered under. The state of emergency has created dark spaces in our system for corruption to grow, so it must end as soon as possible and never be again used as absolute power over the people of Hawaii. I will veto every bill that is a tax increase on the people of Hawaii. I will veto every bill that increases the cost of living here and I will seek ways to lower the cost of living in Hawaii as that is the best way to help everyone and not just a select portion of our society. I will seek to give the people a voice in their government again, I will respect the bill of rights and the constitution. I am not a career politician, I have no connection to large industries, and I do not have a war chest of campaign money like the established candidates in the major parties. I am a citizen, just one of the millions that call this state home and I am ready to go to work for everyone as Governor and make the necessary changes to make life in Hawai’i better for us all, I would be honored to have your vote and represent you.

  • Education:
    -Kaimuki High School Graduate 2008.
    -Shidler College of Business BBA Entrepreneurship 2011.

  • Experience:
    -Business Administrator, Skydiver, Parachute Rigger, Pilot, & Mechanic at my family's small business Skydive Hawaii.
    -I also play polo and have played on the North Shore & Waimanalo on Oahu, and on Maui as well.
    -I breed honey bees on my family's farm and have been successful grafting queen bees on Oahu.
    -I am a multi-role serving individual participating in various tasks and projects throughout the State of Hawaii during my lifetime, I am an entrepreneur/intrapreneur and I believe many of Hawaii's problems can be solved by reducing the barriers to entry for our entrepreneurs and making Hawaii a competitive place to do business. This involves reducing the cost of living here as that would benefit everyone. The state can afford to reduce taxes, and the burden needs to be reduced. I have a lifelong interest in aviation growing up at Kawaihapai (Formerly Dillingham) Airfield on the north shore of Oahu, I've been able to observe how small business in the tourism sector has changed throughout the years here. The government takes a lot in taxes, but when I look at what they provide in return it is extremely inadequate and lacking.