The Issues



Civil Rights


I've outlined 4 main issues above that I believe the people of Hawai'i are concerned about and have been talking about with an emphasis lately. Our chain of isolated volcanic islands in the middle of the world's largest ocean is a very special thing, and the fact that we all are lucky to live Hawai'i nei is another blessing. Respecting the miracle that is Hawai'i is something that I've seen lacking in our government, the history is swept under the rug in order to generate more revenue when the truth becomes inconvenient. The US military was involved in the overthrow of the legitimate and internationally recognized sovereign government in 1893, and the United States further absorbed the lands in 1898 because of military needs due to being involved in a global war with Spain. We can't change the past, but we should acknowledge, respect, and continue to bring its lessons forward so that mistakes are never repeated unnecessarily in the future. Today the US Military has a large presence in the state, and while a strong national defense is a worthy shield, the large presence has presented us with side effects both on the environment and the economy. I believe the US Military should pay its fair share to the people of Hawai'i whose lands they occupy. I don't believe the military should be able to put carcinogens into drinking water and not abide by the peoples' wish to drain and remove the tanks, especially due to the extreme threat of environmental disaster that they pose. Additionally, I do not think it is wise to have such a large and valuable military target near residential areas directly threatening the drinking water of the people they should be protecting. The water is the very life of the land and mixing fuel with it is not a proven national defense technique. Look at what happened to Kaho'olawe and the other live-fire ranges around the state, to this day unexploded ordinance remains. I would work to make the military better neighbors and also hold them to keeping the people they're sworn to protect safe from danger. The military should pay more for the land they've taken here, and possibly they should be giving more back, I expect to work on behalf of the people in holding the military to account.

The environment here deserves to be protected; the waters, the ocean, and the lands. As a child myself who was sustained by this land, I hold that special connection dear, I love this place. I intend to defend it as Governor from being defiled with pollution and at the same time doing more to fully utilize and maximize the potential of the land by reducing the time and barriers to the development of environmentally friendly projects while still preventing projects the community disagrees with or that will obviously damage the environment. Removing corruption with transparency and public oversight and making the permitting processes easier to understand will go a long way in protecting the environment. The natural resources are meant to be protected, but they are also resources meant to be utilized by the people in order to live here successfully. We need to rely less on imports when possible and more upon what we have been given and use all of the precious land wisely. Small farms, vertical farming, aquaculture, and promoting hunting and fishing are a few other ways I believe we can utilize and manage our natural resources better while also protecting the environment.

On the civil rights front, I will not permit infringement of civil rights as these past two years have shown to me that I can never allow the travesty of suspension of rights to occur again. People have the right to assemble and worship as they wish, they have the right to petition the government for a redress of wrongs. The people have a right to bear arms, uninfringed. The people of Hawai'i have a right to the decriminalization of Marijuana, and I plan to use my pardon power as governor for non-violent and victimless cases. I am running as a Libertarian because I believe in their platform on individual freedom and liberty, and I will govern with Libertarian principles in that regard.

Along with making the military pay more for the costs that they add to our economy, I would also promote other changes such as lowering tax rates, lowering barriers to entry, and other cost reduction measures in order to create a business-friendly environment so that Hawai'i's small business entrepreneurs can go to work to solve our problems. We should not ignore our strengths, tourism is a big part of our economy and it should be, but the way it seems is that the residents of Hawai'i pay high costs and taxes and the visitors are all here on a discount vacation that they feel entitled to. I would refocus tourism on shifting the target market to higher-end travelers and consumers and using their revenues to reduce costs on the residents instead. The revenues need to go back into improving the infrastructure of the state to support higher-end travelers, we need to remain competitive globally and the infrastructure improvements also will be enjoyed by residents. Shipping and transportation are big costs living in Hawai'i, as Governor I'd emphasize ways to reduce costs such as applying for a waiver to the Jones Act and promoting fuel-efficient hybrid-electric and fully electric infrastructure. The state also should look at promoting hydroelectric projects in my opinion. With lower costs, lower barriers to participate in the economy, and improved infrastructure paid for mainly by the US-military industrial complex and a strengthened tourism sector Hawai'i can have a bright future where the children that grow up here can also flourish and thrive here so that they can one day raise their children here too. I pray the future stays bright in Hawai'i the place I love and we all love to call home. Please vote Hinshaw for Governor this election I would be honored to go to work for the people of Hawai'i